A new model to estimate the risk of phytoplankton blooms along large river systems


  • PhytoBasinRisk is a new MONERIS module to simulate phytoplankton development from sources to main rivers.
  • PhytoBasinRisk simulates single and joint effects of climate change and management options in large river basins on phytoplankton.
  • PhytoBasinRisk accounts for specific demands of algal groups under the longitudinal changing abiotic conditions.
  • PhytoBasinRisk demonstrates the role of residence time, temperature and light for phytoplankton in a complex river network.
  • Application of PhytoBasinRisk on river Middle Elbe in EU-project MARS was validated to algal data from 98 monitoring stations.
  • Light simulation along rivers is spatially adjusted to shading by riparian vegetation, for which estimations are based on derivatives from ATKIS land use data.
  • Common data sources: River morphology and land use mainly derivable from GIS maps and time series of input parameters (climate, flow, nutrients) provided by meteorological services and by external models.
  • Open and transparent documentation for model code, constants, functions and variables and hints to derive model variables from common data sources.

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