A central goal of the BMBF project PRESTO-CATCH was the development of an user-interface for the presentation of water quality-related data, especially for the visualization of model results of MONERIS and the performance of preset calculation steps.
The PRESTO-CATCH visualizer is based on the free software „MapGuide Open Source". This software for platform independent GIS applications in the internet and intranet just requieres a standard browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox.
The database of the PRESTO-CATCH visualizer are the model results of MONERIS which are made available for a wider range of users by intuitive controls. Model areas can be analysed and visualized with just a few clicks. The model results are presented as maps, reports and charts which can be exported.
Model results can be presented by selection of parameters like discharge, emission or retention for different time periods. The comparison with an reference state is also practicable.

The Elbe river basin was modelled in the project GLOWA-Elbe III "Global Change Impacts on the Water Cycle in the Elbe River Basin - achievements and consequences" (2007 - 2010) sponsored by the BMBF. The Danube was modelled with the cooperation and financial support of the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River.

Via following link you will reach the PRESTO-CATCH visualizer with the MONERIS results of the Danube and Elbe river basin. 

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Please login as "igb.gast" (username) and "igb" (password).

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