Introduction MONERIS 3.0

The current MONERIS 3.0 user surface was programmed within the framework of a project financed by the BMBF. The new user surface shows some differences in comparison to the older one that should make it easier to work for the user. Therefore installable software with an integrated user manual was ordered. By the improvement of the stability and run time of the software it follows a considerable advantage. MONERIS 3.0 is based on a new data bank, with a modified structure. To make the conversion to the new user surface easier an import of the former data base into the new one is implemented in the user surface. Additionally, the export of the calculation results to the former data base is possible. The importable data base needs to be in the format of MONERIS 2.16.15. Therefore a data base in this format is additionally installed and can be used as sample.

In addition to the calculation of the emissions, retention and resulting loads through the seven pathways considered by MONERIS, now the calculation of land use related emissions and loads is possible. Additionally, a monthly disaggregation of the results, a cost-effectiveness-analysis on measures, as well as the consideration of target concentrations is possible.

As mentioned above the user manual of MONERIS 3.0 is part of the installation and can be selected through the help bottom on the user surface.