Future development of nutrient emissions and river loads in the Danube Basin
The Danube is the second largest river of Europe, and its catchment covers substantial parts of 13 European countries. The river discharges into the Black Sea, which is a water body extremely sensitive to eutrophication problems. Mismanagement of nutrients in the Danube Basin has led to severe ecological problems, both in the catchment and in the receiving marine waters. In the 1990s, the Danube River nutrient loads have decreased, partly due to the collapse of the central and eastern European economies following 1989. The project “Nutrient Management in the Danube Basin and its Impact on the Black Sea” (EU 5th Framework Programme, acronym daNUbs, 20012004) has developed a number of scenarios for the future development of the nutrient emissions and the Danube River nutrient loads. The present paper describes these scenarios and formulates the conclusions towards the future nutrient management.
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